Inspiration is all around us.
At Honeybees we believe in
motivating our children through
creativity, language and play.


At Honeybees, children come alive when
they experience the power of language to
communicate their thoughts and ideas,
enabling them to become curious explorers.


Social, cognitive, emotional
and creative growth of our
children is the primary goal
at Honeybees.

Jugnu Shah

message from
the founder

“I believe that the joy of exploring literature and drama develops creative thought and imagination in children which in turn helps them build self-confidence and creates stronger, inclusive & happier adults.”

Jugnu Shah

Jugnu Shah, our founder and director of education conceptualised and created Honeybees in 2002. She has extensive experience in childhood education for over 25 years. She holds an Early Childhood Diploma and a Degree in Psychology and Ancient Indian Culture. She also consults and advises various educational institutions and parenting communities.

“My vision is to foster a love for arts in education starting at the very beginning and creating a solid foundation in language and the performing arts for children. At Honeybees, along with our educational programs, we enhance the children’s learning experience through events and festivals celebrating artistic expressions and theatre. Our bi-annual Children’s Drama Festival is a very popular event that brings together our students, parents and alumni in the celebration of performance and learning.”

“The Honeybees Team is a passionate and enthusiastic group of educators with a focus to make learning a fun and enriching experience for our children.”

“We have always considered our parents to be valuable partners in their childs journey at Honeybees. With much enthusiasm we look forward to welcoming all of you to our incredible community.”


At Honeybees our core teaching philosophy is based on our belief that language opens up new powers, insights and delights for a child and helps them understand the world around them.

All our programs are designed to enable the children to develop creative expression and become confident & curious learners, preparing them for their primary education. Over the past 20 years we have had the pleasure of teaching 2500+ children, who have come to us purely via word of mouth recommendations of our parents, who implicitly trust us to teach their little ones with care and comfort.

Our space has been specifically designed to enhance every child’s visual & sensory experience. All our classrooms are bright, cheerful and welcoming.

Our innovative approach to teaching and our ability to be agile enables us to offer continuously updated programs, which keeps the ever evolving new generation of children engaged and excited to learn.


Years of Experience


Honeybees Students


Opening doors
through discovery

We believe children come alive when they experience the power and excitement of language to communicate their thoughts and ideas. Enabling creative expression and perception of every experience they have.

Our Space

Through a supportive and stimulating environment, children uncover endless opportunities to express themselves and present their ideas.

Honeybees has been specifically designed to enhance every child’s visual & sensory experience. All our classrooms are bright, cheerful and welcoming. We believe Honeybees is every child’s happy place.
We also involve our Parents in various ways like participating in storytelling sessions, art & craft activities, plays, etc.

Our aim is to create a friendly and a happy school community where children learn, develop their social, emotional and intellectual skills and become confident and responsible young individuals.

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